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Posted on 07/12/2017

Hire an Islamorada Fishing Charter to Up Your Odds of Bagging Bonitos

Hire an Islamorada Fishing Charter to Up Your Odds of Bagging Bonitos

It can be a wonderful experience to go offshore and try your hand at fishing. One of the fish species worth aiming for, bonito, might test your skills like never before. If you’re determined to catch some bonitos, you may want to have a fishing charter skipper on-hand to teach you the finer ways of reeling it in.

A check of Islamorada, Florida’s seasonal fish calendar shows that bonitos are active during the summer months. When you are in need of charter services during your Florida Keys vacation, a websites like Islamorada Fishing Source is the place to start. Such websites can help find captains who know the waters of Islamorada like the back of their hands, and direct you to areas known to harbor bonito. Once there, you may want to keep the following in mind:


Understanding fish psychology is important to snagging at least one. An article on Just Sportfishing states that bonitos travel in schools at depths of between 300 and 600 feet, and can be seen around kelp beds. They are out in force between June and September, and are most recognizable by their black lines and spots near the pectoral fin.

The real challenge, though, is when the bait is in the water. Bonitos are fiercely aggressive when feeding on bait, and simply throwing chum overboard will attract a school right away. At the same time, they challenge anglers by fighting the hooks all the way to being hauled aboard the boat. The Orlando Sun-Sentinel’s Steve Waters claims that bonitos are so aggressive that they even go after bait you’ve set up to attract other species.

Gear Up

Experts claim that the Zoom Salty Super Fluke and Deadly Dick are the most optimal choices for bonito lures, and they are geared for use in calm and choppy waters respectively. As for bait, some anglers advise the use of anchovies, sardines, and pilchards among others. It’s important to set up bait carefully, as you’ll want live bait when attempting to attract bonito.

While some anglers dismiss the bonito for its meager food content, the challenge of reeling them in is always fun to tackle. After all, the thrill of landing such an aggressive species is always worth the effort it takes to reel one in. If you’re interested in catching bonito, do not hesitate to consult a backcountry fishing specialist.


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