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Posted on 07/12/2017

How to Organize a Fundraising Event with Islamorada Fishing Charters

How to Organize a Fundraising Event with Islamorada Fishing Charters

Nonprofit organizations always need fresh ideas for fundraising. Adapting to new fundraising trends while creating solutions to some compelling needs of the moment, allow these organizations to engage the public to support their cause. Without successful projects and ample donors, the nonprofit may not be able to raise the needed funds for its targeted beneficiaries and continue its operations to give aid.

One fundraising idea worth exploring is organizing a fishing trip. You can attract fishing enthusiasts and even whole families who may be interested to participate in such events. If you belong to a fishing group, you can organize one of these events for a great cause.

Fishing is already what you and the others in your club do to get to spend time outdoors, hone your skills, and bond over your passion. Why not add fundraising for a better cause in your list as a way to attract kind-hearted and generous people to join the event, while also helping to sustain your organization’s activities, supplies, and other needs.

Islamorada, one of the most popular islands in the Florida Keys, can be your next fundraising venue. You can find various fishing charters that can help you set up and hold your fundraiser event. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re organizing a fundraising event:

1. Clarify what type of fishing event it will be.

Will you hold a tournament for skilled anglers or a class for beginners? Will you provide fishing activities with a tour to some islands in the Florida Keys, or have a lunch feast or dinner after fishing? Whatever activities you decide will determine other decisions you need to make.

2. Determine the number of attendees, and who those people are.

This information will help you decide on the size of the venue and the boat to select, as well as the number of instructors, guides, and volunteers needed. Find out if there are any special needs or preferences in terms of accommodations and diet.

3. Decide on the schedule, and draft your day’s agenda.

Pick a day for your event and draft your schedule of activities. Your charter fleet will also provide an itinerary and a complete package of accommodation and other activities for a group to enjoy. Tally up how many are participating in each event, and choose staff or volunteers who can take charge of each activity.

4. Don’t hesitate to get the fishing charter owner or manager actively involved.

Look for fishing charters listed in sites like the Islamorada Fishing Source, and check out the company’s services. Some of these companies might have hosted similar fundraisers or group activities. See how the charter management can fine-tune your event plans.


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