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Posted on 07/12/2017

Jumping into an Islamorada Charter Fishing Adventure and Nab Dolphins

Jumping into an Islamorada Charter Fishing Adventure and Nab Dolphins

The call of the sea may be a bit too hard to resist, especially when you desperately need some time off. In such cases, this itch to be in the water is a great opportunity to try catching dolphinfish, a.k.a. dolphin. This is where a preferred charter fishing service can come into play.

When you talk to Islamorada residents about catching dolphins, they may refer to the fish as mahi-mahi or dorado. This is to avoid confusion among uninitiated guests who may think they’ll be looking for the gray-skinned mammal. Dolphins can be found in Islamorada waters between May and September. With that in mind, take the time to search for a fishing charter by consulting portals such as Islamorada Fishing Source during that timeframe.

ID’ing the Species

Dolphins, also known by their scientific name Coryphaena Hippurus, are highly recognizable by their large blue fins, blue-and-yellow body and a contoured head. The latter is blunt-shaped for the male, called a bull, and rounded for the female dolphin, or a cow.

The size of each dolphin is also an indicator of any schools nearby. An article in the Florida Sportsman notes that lightweight dolphins to tend to stick to the same school, particularly those weighing up to 20 pounds. Fishes as heavy as 50lbs prefer moving alone or as a couple. If you see a flight of birds circling over a certain patch of water, it’s a dead giveaway of a school down below since dolphins tend to dwell near the surface.

The Gear

Bagging some of the heavier dolphins requires some adept deep sea fishing experience and equipping the right fishing gear. Many anglers prefer either to troll, drift, or cast in standing watch. There’s no hard and fast rule for specific bait classes, as dolphins eat all types of marine food.

Several classes of lures can be used to snare dolphins. Schools can be made to congregate around a boat by dropping cut bait periodically and setting up the lines. Take note, however, that you must use live bait or bigger chunks if you’re going after larger dolphins.

Make it a point to have the boat reduce to trolling speed and the lines cast. Another tactic you can use to take advantage of a dolphin’s aggressive nature would be to use chugger lures, which emit a noise that catches the dolphins’ interest.

Dolphins are some of the most delectable fish you can find anywhere, and bagging a heavyweight will be the delight of the day. Schedule your charter now to see if you can’t land a dolphin during your next fishing trip.


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