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Posted on 02/20/2019 in Fishing Information

Types of Fishing Methods

Types of Fishing Methods

No matter whether you have a fish aquarium in your home or you want to play with fishes by visiting various destinations, you would be looking to know about the various types of fishing methods. Maybe, you already know that you can catch a fish in multiple ways but those ways should be fine and perfect enough to have the desired results. Some people try to catch the fishes with hands and some try with spear and hook or even with flaps. You are looking to catch fishes whenever you go any destination then you should know the various type of fishing. The Following paragraphs can easily help you to do so.


You may already here something about the Noodling which is one of the most popular fishing methods. In some countries, Noodling is becoming one of the best ways to catch fishes. In this method, the fisherman’s will be going to catch the fishes by sticking a hand into a catfish hole.  This method can be very helpful for people who want to catch various kinds of fishes. For more details about this method, you will have to surf some other online popular platforms. There are some other Types of fishing methods also available.

Spear fishing        

With variants like harpoons, Trident, and arrows, the Spear fishing method could easily be completed by the fisherman.  This is yet another popular type of catching fishes in various traveling destinations so think about it and watch some videos to understand completely.

Flounder tramping

By Stamping on the fishes, the flounder tramping method of catching fishes will be accomplished by the fisherman and the people.


If you are looking to collect details about the method of catching fishes in which nets will be used then Netting will come at top of your search. You need to understand that there are various types of nets available for catching different fishes. According to the weight and size of fishes, and the nets are chosen by the fishermen to catch fishes via this method.

Fly fishing

The artificial files which will be used to complete the flying fishing method are usually or most of the time made with hands in a variety of Shapes and Designs. The fly fishing methods are usually constructed with fly roads and Fly lines.

Bottom fishing

In order to complete the task like catching fishes from boats and from the land, you will go for bottom fishing instead of other fishing methods. Heavy weight at the bottom of the water, bottom fishing will be used by angling.

Ice fishing

When water is frozen in some months of the year then ice fishing will become one of the favorite choices of fishermen to catch fishes. Ice Fishing is angling with the holes available in the frozen areas.

These are some of the most popular types of fishing methods available and you could give preference to anyone which you like most.  In the end, you just need to take some time and think about the pros, cons, and benefits of all these fishing methods.

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